The aim of our training and educational programs is to produce competent Public Health work force having the necessary knowledge and possessing the required skills to promote public health. The national, regional and international standards guide the PHI activities all through; assuring excellence as a corner stone in developing and executing the PHI training programs. PHI training programs are community sensitive and competency based with more emphasis on practical sessions to assure acquiring the right skills fulfilling the community needs. Self-learning and active participation represent the general feature of teaching methodologies. Leadership, administrative and personal skills like time management, communication skills, language proficiency, computer skills and others are incorporated in the training programs or delivered as stand-alone programs according to the necessity.
The Teaching and Education Directorate is currently running 4programs all through the year.

The currently active post graduate courses are as follows: Master of Public Health (streamed in 3 Public Health tracks) ;Master of Disaster management; Master of Family Medicine and Diploma of Local Health System Management.

Post Graduate Programs :

• Master of Public Health.
• Master of Disaster Management.
• Master of Family Medicine.
• Diploma of Local Health System Management.