Disaster Management MDM - Full time Program


This multi-disciplinary program offers students the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the numerous aspects of disaster management and public health. The curriculum is divided into three main components: classwork, fieldwork, and a dissertation.


The program consists of two compulsory levels:

1) Post Graduate Certificate :

The program is introduced through the foundation module equivalent to 8 credit hours delivered in 10 weeks.– this module equips the participants with the generic knowledge and basic skills in public health, health systems and disaster management.
The principal module starts after completion of the foundation module .This module will provide participants with basic concepts of the core principles of public health. It is a 10- credit hour module delivered in a duration of 10 weeks , offering coursework in each of 5 major disciplines of public health, namely epidemiology, environmental and occupational health, biostatistics, public health ethics and health promotion. Through this module learners will explore the field of public health, its foundations, disciplines, values and ethics. The module develops the learners’ analytical thinking through cooperative learning techniques and case studies. Case studies of global and regional public health issues will be analysed in relation to each of the core disciplines of public health mentioned above.

The modules covered in the principal module are listed below:

Disaster Management Principal Module Credit hours Duration
Emergency interventions during public health disasters 6 15 weeks
Managing routine health programs in the context of disaster 6 15 weeks
Field work (2) 4 15 weeks
Total 16 Credit hours 45 weeks

2)Post Graduate Diploma :

It is the second phase after successful completion of the PGC. It is of 45 weeks 6 duration and 16 credits hours. This phase is followed by a research dissertation to complete the Master of Disaster Management degree requirements.

The modules covered in the Post Graduate Diploma :

Post Graduate Diploma Credit hours Duration
Analyzing health system in crises 6 15 weeks
Evidence based & applied disaster management 6 15 weeks
Conduct analysis of the local health system 4 15 weeks
Field work (3) weeks
Total 16 Credit hours 45 weeks

Research: Dissertation

The Dissertation is a formal report on a specific research topic carried out by the student. It is expected to reflect sound theoretical, conceptual and methodological knowledge relevant to the public health research. The purpose of writing the Dissertation is to show that the student is able to critically analyze and discuss emergency related public health problems in a systematic way. The dissertation is a key component of the MDM program. Therefore, conducting a final research is one of the pre-requisites of awarding the master’s degree.

Entry Requirement:

Bachelor degree in Medicine, Public Health, Health Science or any other health related discipline in addition to 2 years emergency related Public Health work experience .


The Master of Disaster Management duration is 18 months.

Degree Awarded

Upon successful completion of the taught modules and research dissertation, the student will be awarded a master degree of Disaster Management.