Family Medicine MFM - Full time Program


Family medicine is an ever evolving specialty. There is a great demand for family medicine practitioners worldwide. The main obstacle for the development of Family medicine in the developing countries is the scarcity of trained family medicine practitioners and trainer/ mentors in the field. Great efforts and resources are needed to develop Family medicine practice in Sudan.


The Training Course in M Sc FM is a 2-year course in which the trainee receives a range of training in all major medical specialties and subspecialties.

• The course begins with a 2-weeks Introduction to FM.
• Then the trainee will go back to his/her health center and will have a weekly assignment.
• Each week he/she will have 2 days outside the center; one at the training centre / university or the main training site and the other day will be at the hospital.

Entry Requirement:

Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery in addition to 2 years medical practice work experience.

Degree awarded

Upon successful completion of the taught modules and research, the student will be awarded a Master degree of Family Medicine.