Local Health System Management Diploma - Full time Program


It is now widely accepted in organizational performance that achieving the mission and making a difference needs more than just technical competence. What is known as “soft skills” are proved to be crucial for career success and productivity. This degree aims at assisting the students to identify and develop their leadership and communication styles and learn how to use this to achieve their mission. It touches on management skills to achieve efficiency and improve health outcomes.
This is taught on the context of managing organizational performance by giving living examples of health organizations in Sudan and other countries.

Program Structure

Part one: Postgraduate certificate degree (PGC):

It is 6 months duration with a total of 21 credits hours. It composed of two modules and field work:

• Foundation module (8 credits) – this module equips the participants with the generic knowledge and basic skills in public health, health systems and disaster management.
• Principle module (9 credits) – this module provides the essentials and principles in health system management.
• Field work: (4 credits): in form of field attachment

Part two: The Diploma degree:

It is the second phase after successful completion of the PGC. It is 6 months duration with 21 credits hours. This phase is more specialized and consists of four compulsory. In addition, there is two weeks as the second field attachment. The compulsory modules are:

• Sudan Local Health System.
• Effective Management Skills.
• Leadership and Personal Effectiveness.
• Research Methodology.
• Field Attachment.

Duration :

The total duration of the Local Health System Management Diploma is 1 year (12 months).

Entry Requirement:

Bachelor degree in Medicine, Public Health, Health Science or any other health related discipline in addition to 2 years of health service work experience.

Degree Awarded

Upon completion of the taught modules and field work project student will be awarded a Diploma in Local Health System Management.