Values and Principles

The Public Health Institute is committed to contribute to developing the health systems; thereby enabling it to achieve its objectives of improving the health of people they serve by responding to their needs and expectations, and protecting against ill-health. In order to fulfil these obligations, the following values and principles will guide the functioning of the Public Health Institute:  


The Public Health Institute shall, in discharge of its functions, exhibit a high degree of professionalism in all aspects of its work as a postgraduate seat of learning, health research centre and as a think tank for deliberating and advising on health system issues. All actions undertaken towards the fulfillment of its charter shall follow the institute’s rules and regulations, standing routines and practices. It shall deal with issues arising in the discharge of its functions, the high degree of competence and efficiency assuring ethical practices in a timely manner, essentially following the calendar and schedule set for different activities. Likewise, the staff at the Public Health Institute in the discharge of their functions shall perform in a professional manner, meeting the needs of its audience with complete respect for their feelings and culture. These characteristics shall be explicit in the institute's dealing with and of staff towards students, research subjects, and clients for technical advice.

Achieving excellence in teaching and learning, conducting research and rendering technical advice is the crux, and all aforementioned values and principles shall ultimately lead to this value. The Public Health Institute shall assure for itself the status of an institute that excels in teaching and training in public health management, health systems and biomedical research, and a body to offer specialist advice on health system issues. For that, it shall actively advocate and create a culture that values academic achievement by the faculty and students, and provide expanded opportunities to further excel and attain academic and scholastic heights. The conduct of research and provision of technical advice, although a mandate and function, shall be used to strengthen the role of the Public Health Institute in training and skill building with the ultimate objective to be, from among the contemporaries, an institute of repute with a high degree of academic excellence.

Health is a multifaceted issue and the leadership of the health system has to work closely with institutions in the health sectors and with those allied to health for improving health outcomes. The Public Health Institute shall engage, horizontally as well as vertically, and build relationship with other institutions in the country working with a similar agenda. Particularly, it will liaise with the Ministry of Higher Education and its associated institutions, the Sudan Medical Specialisation Board, the Sudan Medical Council, and other such institutions for achieving its mission. The Public Health Institute, in order to prepare leaders of health system, shall be an outward looking institute fostering collaboration with a wide variety of professions allied to the public health in Sudan. The partnership shall extend to jointly developing and implementing research activities relevant to the country needs. The Public Health Institute shall also be a forward looking institute. It will engage, e.g. by forging twinning arrangements, with institutions in the region and developed world for exchanging experience, learning and acquiring new technologies in teaching and training, and jointly developing and implementing research projects that have cross-country implications.

The community, be it the population or students, potential or those already enrolled, and the staff is the ultimate focus of the Public Health Institute. The learning objectives for the courses taught and the research agenda at the institute shall be guided by the needs and expectations of the people, respecting their rights as individuals, values, beliefs and culture. While the ultimate beneficiary will be the people, Public Health Institute shall engage with communities, including those targeted in research activities, and foster a positive relationship with an overall objective of understanding community needs and accordingly devising strategies. Likewise, every student, be it those potentially seeking admission or those already enrolled in a course, are the prime assets of the institute. Every effort will be made to provide essential teaching, training, aid and mentoring to the future and or current managers, to achieve scholastic height.  The Public Health Institute shall consider the students, both past and present, its ambassadors and change agents in the health system, and shall continue to support the alumni.

The Public Health Institute shall be an institution assuring openness and transparency in all aspects of its work: training, research and technical advice. Merit shall guide the selection of incumbents for academic and other staff and students enrolled on its programmes. Consideration shall however be given to other factors like gender mainstreaming and equitable representation of different geographical regions of the country. By that, the Public Health Institute shall assure equal opportunities and access to all seeking work or learning.  In the same token, however it shall value its staff and students in providing opportunities for career development and access to opportunities for personal development. While, overall the work of Public Health Institute shall be people centred, equity, access and quality shall guide and shall form the ideological base for the designing and delivery of training courses, setting research priorities, in rendering technical advice, conducting the policy analysis for health sector reform, and its engagement in reviving the primary health care.