The consultancy department currently acts as a think tank providing technical advice in order to assist the policy makers in the Ministry of Health in Sudan and beyond in the region in developing evidence-based policy options and an outline design of reform interventions. This was translated in broad range of technical areas in which Public Health Institute offer its expertise services.

Activities undertaken in 2015 are highlighted in the bullets below:
Finalization of the Partnership evaluation: A stakeholder’s analysis exercise was conducted through a partnership evaluation for all PHI current partnership.

Endorsement of the partnership policy: A policy was developed and endorsed to illustrate the stakeholder’s policy goals and objectives and describe the process or mechanism for initiating a partnership agreement as well as the interrelation of PHI among various stakeholders.

Finalization of the communication strategy: A communication strategy was developed to advocate for PHI services nationally and internationally.

Launched the YouTube channel of PHI: With the uprising role of the social media, PHI image and portfolio has been reflected through the YouTube, Facebook and Twiitter.